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Thank you for your interest in helping us update and maintain the Queen's Court Games TTRPG Wiki! Below is a list of the different kinds pages you might find here, and the proper standardized formatting for them.

When creating a new page, you can "edit" each of the below templates to copy the source code and paste into the new page. Then just edit the info accordingly! And don't worry about perfection! Maintaining the wiki is a group effort, so if you miss something, there'll always be someone else who can fix it later.

These formats are not rigid! Some pages may vary from the examples listed below based on what kind of information is available from our source material, and that's okay. Additionally, if you think a certain kind of page is better off looking differently, feel free to comment here and let us know!

Universal Rules

  • Page Title: Bold the page title in the short blurb at the top of the page.
  • Language: Articles should be written in the present tense unless describing events that took place before the start of the campaign. Avoid writing episode numbers and titles, and instead describe events in the context of the campaign. ie. "In episode 3, Character did a thing." vs. "After defeating the zombies, Character did a thing."
  • Episodes: When linking to an episode, the title should be written out as it is listed on YouTube, minus the system title. ie. "His Last Hope, Episode 1" instead of "KULT: Divinity Lost - His Last Hope, Episode 1” (the YouTube title). As the system should be linked on an episode page, it saves a lot of space on pages and improves readability if only the game title (including episode number) is written.
  • Links: Include links to other pages with their full title on their first mention on a given page. Subsequent mentions can be shortened to a first name or abbreviation and do not have to be linked. This includes campaign names, episode names, item names, other character names, locations, groups, cast members, and more.
    • When mentioning characters for the first time on a page, use and link their full character page name. Every other mention afterwards can be shortened.
  • Infobox: Use "Insert > Infobox" to include the appropriate infobox at the very top of the page and fill it out to the best of your ability. Nothing should be above the infobox except a Banner.
    • Use "Infobox:[page type]" for all pages
    • For notable NPCs who may have large families, or whose stats may have been revealed in an episode, use the "Infobox: SpecialNPC" template.
    • Series pages for conus content and their respective episodes should use the "Bonus Content" infoboxes.
  • Navbox: Use "Insert > Template" to include the appropriate navbox at the very bottom of the page.
    • Navboxes are named "Navbox: [campaign abbr.] [pagetype]"
    • These are still a work in progress! Not all necessary navboxes have been created yet!
  • Banners: Banners should be placed above the infobox on a page.
    • If a page contains major plot spoilers, use "Insert > Template" to insert a Spoiler banner. If there are several episodes within a campaign (or more than one campaign) that may be spoilers for different reasons, list the most recent episode.
    • If a page is missing some information or does not match that of the examples listed below, use "Insert > Template" to insert an Incomplete banner. Include whichever parts of the page may need to be included or corrected.
  • Spells: Any spells named should be Capitalized and italicized.
  • Status: If a character is dead, use "Deceased" in their infobox status on their character page, but use "(†)" after their name on any other page. This includes dead relatives or spouses listed in another character's infobox!
  • Multiple Images: To add multiple images into an infobox (for example, official art and a battle mini), add them to the infobox like so:
    • Upload both images. You can do this by adding them directly onto the page (then deleting them), or uploading them to the infobox one after the other (saving changes in between).
    • Go into the page source code and after '|image = ' where the file name would go, insert the following:

|image1 = ('KULT Logo')
|image2 = ('His Last Hope Logo')
|image3 = ('Official Art')
|image4 = (Custom tab 1)
|image5 = (Custom tab 2)
|misc1 = Custom1 title

|misc2 = Custom2 title

Page Examples