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The First Episode is the first episode of season 69 of Campaign.

Paste the episode's YouTube/podcast description here. For OSOM series where the descriptions are the same across episodes, briefly summarize the episode here, hitting on any major plot points and keeping spoilers to a minimum.


The Storyteller's opening monologue. Last episode, our heroes were in a place, had done a thing, and met the BBEG. Stop before any players interject or individual character actions are described.
Please note, some of these recaps may be long enough for a second section. If an episode is the first of its season, series, or a one-shot, you can rename this section "Introduction".


Provide the episode synopsis here. Try so summarize scenes in only a few sentences, but still mention any details that may be important.

To make the synopsis section collapsible, open the source code and insert the following:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="width:100%">

== Synopsis ==

<div class="mw-collapsible-content">

[Synopsis will be here]

In the episode infobox, if it is the first or last episode in the campaign, you can leave the previous/next episode sections blank.

For the episode's image, use the YouTube episode thumbnail.


  • Place
  • City
    • Building
  • If the characters go there during the episode, list it here

Featured Characters[edit]

The Party[edit]

  • List
  • All
  • Four (or five)
  • Party
  • Members
  • Here


  • New Character
  • New Character's Assistant
  • If a character has a speaking role, or is actively acknowledged or involved in the plot for the first time, list them here
  • For every subsequent episode they're in, they go in the 'Returning' list


  • Some of these episodes may have a lot of characters.
  • For sections with more than 10 characters,
  • Place them in a 2x2 table with no header.
  • This helps cut down how much scrolling readers have to do
  • And uses up some of that negative space to the right
  • Of these bullet lists, since names are short!
  • Split the list in half as best you can.


  • The Prince
  • The Hound
  • The Handler
  • Any character whose name is mentioned but does not otherwise appear in the episode goes here
  • This applies to both new and returning characters! The only reason they go on the 'New' list is if they speak or play an active role for the first time.


  • Sometimes there's a cool little fact about an episode, such as if it contains a D20 first, or if an obscure reference is made. You can put it here.

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