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Template Documentation:
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This template is an infobox for show seasons.
Type {{infobox season|...}} with the following parameters:
{{Infobox season
| name = the episode name (default: {{PAGNAME}})
| image = an image relating to the season
| caption = a caption for the image
| season = the season number
| episodes = the number of episodes in a season
| airdate = the range of dates that the season aired for
| premiere = the first episode of the season
| finale = the last episode of the season
| previous = the previous season
| next = the next season
Sample output
{{Infobox season
| name = Season 5
| image = File:Example.jpg
| caption = The DVD cover for season five
| season = 5
| episodes = 18
| airdate = September 6th 2010 - May 18th 2010
| premiere = The Pilot
| finale = The One With the Reveal
| previous = Season 4
| next = Season 6

Installation Instructions
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